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Hi this is me
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Hello. My name is Aya. I have been involved in outdoor activities for children in Japan's northernmost island Hokkaido, for nearly 20 years. I love forest bathing.
My hobbies are Japanese drum, hot springs, and izakayas (Japanese-style pubs). Hokkaido has the best foods and drinks!
As a guide, I enjoy talking with people from various backgrounds, and feel that these encounters broaden my perspectives and enrich my life. I find happiness in gaining new knowledge every day.
I am a guide with a passion for sharing Hokkaido's charms with my guests.
Why a trip to my region is worth while
Hokkaido is a little different from the rest of Japan, and its rich natural environment has changed my sense of values. I am passionate about helping my guests get to know Japan, especially Hokkaido, through the landscapes created by volcanoes and lakes, its flora and fauna, its history, Ainu culture, temples and shrines, and more.
The delicious and high-quality seafood, dairy products, vegetables, and sweets are famous and very popular throughout Japan. Your dining experience here will make your stay even more satisfying.
I look forward to the opportunity of showing you the beautiful Hokkaido I love so much.
Topics of my tours
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