Chie Moue
Hi this is me
Basic understandingof Sustinability
Leave No Trace Level1 or above
First Aid
Safety risk manegement, Customer service and Group manegemnt, Nature & History Interprettion
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M's English
Sapporo City
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Hi this is me
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I have over 20 years of experience conducting nature tours as a forest guide instructor with particular expertise and familiarity with trees and forestry.
It would be my pleasure to share with you Hokkaido’s great nature and interesting culture.
Why a trip to my region is worth while
Greetings, fellow adventurers! I'm an English guide interpreter who believes in staying connected to the local community. I would like to be your gateway to exploring the heart and soul of Hokkaido. With over two decades as a nature tour guide and forest aficionado, I've cultivated an intimate relationship with trees and the great outdoors. But that's not all – I'm also a self-proclaimed ramen connoisseur, because even explorers need their fuel! I'm genuinely thrilled to show you the stunning beauty of Hokkaido's natural landscapes and the captivating allure of its culture.
Topics of my tours
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