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Hi this is me
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I visited Hokkaido as a traveler and was so impressed by the wonderful nature and people of Hokkaido that I moved to Hokkaido and became a nature guide. After graduating from a graduate school, I became a nature guide in Noboribetsu in 2002, and have been working to connect people with nature, people with each other, environmental conservation, and human resource development from the local community.
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My field is Kozan(Mine) town in Noboribetsu city. Kozan town was once a bustling mining town where gold, silver, and copper were mined. Now, over the past 100 years, the forest has been regenerated. There are historical remains, creatures living in the forest, and the clear waters of the Horobetsu River colored with green tuffs that have nurtured the mine unchanged from the past. My specialties are wild birds, plants, animals, and history. I feel that the nature of Hokkaido is profound. As a former traveler, I would be happy to show you around this wonderful Hokkaido.
Topics of my tours
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