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I am from Hokkaido, Japan. I have been guiding since 2000 throughout Hokkaido,mainly in Daisetsuzan National Park. In 2001, I launched Daisetsuzan Nature School, which provides children's camps, nature tours and national park management, aiming to foster sustainable community development under the theme of "wise use". In 2018, we introduced Adventure Hokkaido, offering cycling and hiking tours across Hokkaido in English. With a background in environment conservation from a university in NZ and a current role on the board of the Asian Ecotourism Network, I offera comprehensive guiding perspective.
Why a trip to my region is worth while
Daisetsuzan National Park offers a diverse range of environments in a single da, including alpine zones, ezo spruce forests and wetlands. We can guide you effectively and efficiently in the limited time available, or, of course, you can take your time and enjoy the park.
Having cycled all over Hokkaido since I was a high school student and climbed mountains with my parents, I am well-equipped to guide you in all parts of Hokkaido. In additin to nature guiding, I also provide opportunities for meeting locals and experiencing the culture of each region of Hokkaido.
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